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Almost missed my post


Technically I did miss a post yesterday. It is almost 2am and I have been working on some websites for a few hours now. I decided to stay up and get some work done so I can relax more on Saturday. I also wanted to do some extra work because I am taking Jacob to see the Lego Movie. It already has a 96 on Rotten Tomatoes and I have been reading multiple reviews about how great it is. I think he is really going to like it and enjoy the parts with Batman. I still tie him to see movies in 2D because I think he is still to young for 3D and getting him to keep the glasses on could be hard. 

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics were tonight and I hated the way they orchestrated it. They had all the countries come out first then they did the story/performance. I thought that in previous years they did the performance and then the parade happened. I was not interested in watching a 2 hour parade of unknown countries, thanks middle school geography. I look at a map now of Europe and Asia and it is totally different from when I was 13. Looks like I will have to pay attention to JMav’s homework from Social Studies in the future. 

Let me know if anyone is reading this. I would be excited if one person is reading my posts. I will write today/tomorrow about what I thought of the movie. 


A New Start

Sticker 375x360 u4

I have really never been the type of guy to take the time everyday to write a post. I want to change that and I am using multiple software to make sure I stick with it. To write my posts I am using the great software, Mars Edit, which can be found here: I have had this software since 2011 and have never taken advantage of it.  I am also going to use Wunderlist so I can have a daily reminder that I have a task to do. If I were Michael I would be using the app Tasker. That’s an inside joke for people who listen/watch the T4 Show

So I guess the next question to answer is why in 2014 a I deciding to put my thoughts to screen? It is to create a routine. Routine is very powerful to one’s health and productivity. Do you have anything that you do daily that is crucial to your routine? I would love to hear from you about what you do each and everyday that you either love doing or you hate but must do. Look I already am trying to engage my readers. 

I think I will end each post with what I am playing, reading, loving, or anything I want to note.

Games: DOTA 2/AC IV/Wildstar


Why am I such a bad blogger?

Something that I have been thinking about is finally getting put down on paper/internet.  I am a terrible blogger!  I love to talk about different topics with my friends and co-workers but actually making the time and sitting down to write them is a different story.  Sometimes I come up with a great topic to talk about and I think what a great article I could make.  But do I do it?  The answer is no!  It is amazing that right now I am writing this.  So those of you who actually read this site, I beg you to give me a break.  I hope that someday I become a good blogger.  Maybe that day is today, but history shows that it will not be. 


Media Mania

For the past month I have been researching the best way to compile all my media and how to display it. I first thought the HP media server would be the best solution. After much debate and discussion I decided on the mac mini. I must say this little machine packs a lot of power and seems to be working out great. Granted I have only been using it for a couple days only time will tell how I truly like the product. Program wise I have Hulu and Plex installed and I am still trying to find the best way to get content on the box. Do you know of any good methods of doing this? Let me know.


Running Day One

Last night I decided that I am tired of being out of shape. Lately I have been feeling very tired and unmotivated. As I was watching the Redskins blow another game I took about 4 naps even after I slept eight hours the night before. Now I think this happens due to my lack of excercise but some might say it was the Redskins. Regardless I need to take my physical shape seriously. So this morning I finally willed myself to get on that treadmill. I can say that I did it. I am also going to try and blog my progress as well. Many of you reading this probably think I will not succeed. I have attempted work out in the past and have always failed. I realize it is easier said than done. So please leave me a comment letting me know you support me and want me to do this.