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A New Start

Sticker 375x360 u4

I have really never been the type of guy to take the time everyday to write a post. I want to change that and I am using multiple software to make sure I stick with it. To write my posts I am using the great software, Mars Edit, which can be found here: I have had this software since 2011 and have never taken advantage of it.  I am also going to use Wunderlist so I can have a daily reminder that I have a task to do. If I were Michael I would be using the app Tasker. That’s an inside joke for people who listen/watch the T4 Show

So I guess the next question to answer is why in 2014 a I deciding to put my thoughts to screen? It is to create a routine. Routine is very powerful to one’s health and productivity. Do you have anything that you do daily that is crucial to your routine? I would love to hear from you about what you do each and everyday that you either love doing or you hate but must do. Look I already am trying to engage my readers. 

I think I will end each post with what I am playing, reading, loving, or anything I want to note.

Games: DOTA 2/AC IV/Wildstar